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Healthy Holiday Menu Ideas

It’s time to get creative with our Kids Eat Smart Club’s holiday menu. Getting creative can simply mean presenting our healthy nutritious breakfast items in a festive way! Setting out your fruits and veggies in holiday themed shapes can entice our kids to grab healthier items more often. For the holiday season try festive shapes such as Christmas tree’s, […]

Shopping on a Budget!

With the holidays around the corner and food costs always rising all of us are looking for ways to save a dollar here and there. Here a few ideas to make your dollars go farther when shopping for nutritious foods. Plan your Budget Use Coupons and Flyers Compare Prices Portion Foods Buy in Bulk Buy […]

Fun & Easy Breakfast To Go!

Check out this adorable breakfast recipe for serving up at your Kids Eat Smart Club. Kids will love them! Everything appears to be more fun when served up on a stick, and this breakfast pop is no exception. Try out a whole wheat pancake mix to pump up that daily dose of  fibre! What you’ll need: […]

Raising Awareness of your Kids Eat Smart Club!

With a new school year comes a fresh new start to your Kids Eat Smart Club. What some clubs are doing is changing things up and introducing new menu items, new volunteers, and new fundraising initiatives. Sometimes all it takes is a fun and engaging way to introduce your KES Club to the school population. […]

White to Whole Wheat – Transition is Key!

Sometimes our Kids Eat Smart Clubs and our parents are reluctant to try whole wheat items with their kids. They figure the kids won’t eat it if it’s whole wheat and it may go to waste. What we usually encourage is to introduce the whole wheat slow and steady to get the kids use to […]

Getting Creative with Breakfast Menu Ideas

The key to any menu for both kids and adults is getting creative with what we serve and how we serve it. Especially for kids, serving healthy items in creative ways is a good way to encourage healthy eating habits. Fruit cut in interesting shapes and figures can work wonders in getting kids to eat […]

Getting kids engaged in Healthy Habits – What Can Parents Do?

Healthy eating begins at home, so it is important that children are encouraged to eat a proper balanced diet. It’s all about getting the kids involved in the process! Involve children in grocery shopping and planning their lunch Inform teachers and volunteers of any food intolerance/allergies that your child may have Put a secret note, […]