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Your KES Club’s Countdown to Christmas – “The 12 Fruits of Christmas!”

Once December is upon us, many of us have special ways to countdown to the Christmas holidays. Sometimes we do things that have been a tradition in our families and sometimes we see new ideas that we try. People have many ways to countdown to the holidays; some people use chocolates and candy, some use […]

Breakfast Muffin and Fruit Kabobs!

Every child enjoys a delicious treat on occasions….especially some delicious breakfast muffins. Berries and other fruits go great with muffins, so why not put them together on a stick and make it a “muffin-fruit kabob”….It’s sure to be a hit! Ingredients   Whole wheat muffins (or breakfast bread such as banana or date bread) Fruit […]

Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets

As winter draws nearer, early morning rises and cool temperatures can make for a chilly dreary day. Cold cereal or a granola bar may not cut it for your breakfast on a cold morning. At Kids Eat Smart we love to see our Clubs serve warm comforting breakfast foods to our children during their KES […]

It’s World Diabetes Day!

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) and today, November 14, is World Diabetes Day! People all over the world are wearing blue today in support of those living with the disease. In recent years, diabetes has become more common in our communities, in turn increasing prevalence in our Kids Eat Smart Clubs. There are […]

French Toast Pops!

French toast is a treat that students love when served at their KES Clubs. For most Clubs it isn’t an item that is regularly served on the menu but is a great healthy choice for your Club, when served the right way of course! I came across this awesome, “French Toast Pops” recipe recently and […]

Limiting Your Halloween Treats!

Halloween is one of those holidays that we have a love-hate relationship with, for many of us at least! We love the decorating, the costumes, seeing the children walk door-to-door and of course we love all the delicious treats that we hand out Halloween night. Whether it be trying to hide them from our children […]

Boo-nana Frozen Yogurt Ghosts!!

Are you trying to think of healthy Halloween themed treats to serve at your KES Clubs, at home and special events this week? If yes, I have the perfect recipe for you….and if you weren’t planning on doing something special, you’ll want to now! Try these Boo-nana Ghosts!! The children will love them…they’re fun, delicious, […]