Monthly Archives: August 2014

Importance of Breakfast and How a Kids Eat Smart Club Can Help

We’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, well there is no myth to this saying…it’s true.  When you awake in the morning after a good night’s sleep your body has been without food for hours.  Breakfast allows your body to restore the fuel and nutrients you need to […]

Back to School – Preparing Lunches!

Well it’s that time again, children and parents throughout the province are preparing for back to school. For most, while it’s been a great break from school for the children, summer has been quite busy. By now most of your back to school shopping for clothing, supplies and other necessities have already been done…but what […]

Teaching Your Child the Facts about Healthy Eating

Healthy eating begins at home! After doing two presentations this week with children ages 6 to 12 years, I realized that although there are many children that are well educated about nutrition, healthy eating and healthy food choices, there are others that are not aware of the importance of healthy eating and what foods are […]


Canada is one of the largest producers of wild blueberries in the word, and many come from the Atlantic Provinces. To me, there aren’t many local foods that can beat the taste of freshly picked Newfoundland and Labrador blueberries, they are simply delicious. Now that they are ripe, people all over our province have been […]

Fruit Pizza Minis

Finding healthy snacks that children will go crazy for isn’t always an easy task. Snacks are a great way to get a variety of fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods into your child’s diet. However, fruit and veggies with dip can get boring day after day, as can cheese and crackers. Brighten up snack […]

Serve Up Some Fish

Summer is a great time to get the freshest fish around. Whether it be some delicious Atlantic salmon, fresh cod, muscles, shrimp or scallops just brought ashore by the local fishermen…the smell of fish in the air is wonderful for some. The fishery is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s greatest natural resources so why not […]

Just Add a Touch of “Berry”

Tis’ the season to head out and pick your own berries…better known as “U-Pick”! While some U-Pick berry farms are finished for the season, others are still in full bloom. For instance, strawberries can still be picked in many places across the province. Below are some ways you can add a little flavor to your […]