“Special” Holiday Breakfasts For Your Club!

The Holidays are here and being the wonderful principals, coordinators, teachers and volunteers that you are, you want to do something “special” for your students…..and no better way to do that than to kick of the holidays with a yummy special breakfast hosted by your Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Club!!

As tradition, most people would like to serve bacon, ham or sausage at these holiday breakfasts, but there are many delicious alternatives that you can serve without adding these. Some breakfast suggestions that you can enjoy with your Club are:

1) French Toast topped with fresh fruit

french toast 2) Omelets (choice of veggies and shredded cheese), toast and fresh fruit omelet 3) Pancakes or Waffles topped with fresh fruit waffle plate 4) Breakfast wrap (scrambled eggs, choice of veggies and shredded cheese) and fresh fruit breakfast wrap 5) Holiday smoothies with mini muffins (bananas, berry, bran, etc.) Christmas.smoothie Janel Genge is a registered dietitian with Kids Eat Smart Foundation Newfoundland and Labrador


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  1. Heather Russell · · Reply

    Great blog, Janel. Yes, it is indeed tradition to want to go with eggs, bacon, and toast, but there are healthier alternatives out there if one will only put on his or her thinking cap and come up with them. To add even more festive flair, one could use strawberries (red) and sliced kiwi (green) as the fruit on the French toast and waffles.

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