Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hot Topic: Energy Drinks

During my time in schools I often get questions from teachers and parents about the safety of energy drinks and how they can affect children. My most common response is to encourage kids to quench thirst with water, 100% fruit juice or milk, and to keep energized with a variety of foods from Canada’s Food Guide. Ensuring they […]

Dessert hot off the Grill

Try out this fresh desert packed with antioxidants to finish of your next family BBQ. This simple dessert is a crowd pleaser! Including fruit as a dessert option more often allows us to get those recommended servings of fruit each day. 3 medium ripe peaches, halved and pitted 1 cup fresh blueberries 2 tablespoons brown […]

Loading up on Antioxidants

The word antioxidants has been a nutrition buzz word from quite some time now but do you still find yourself wondering what it means? Here’s some background on what it means and how it’s good for our body’s. What are antioxidants? Antioxidants are naturally found in foods. An antioxidant can be: A vitamin such as […]

A Fresh Summer Snack – Kiwisicles

This fresh summer treat couldn’t be easier! Have the kids help out in the kitchen to make these delightful snacks. Have a summer party or BBQ coming up? – these can be fun for the kids to enjoy while playing in the hot summer sun. What you will need: Kitchen Gear: Vegetable peeler Cutting board […]

Try Local Fresh Fruit in Season

Summer provides a wealth of locally grown fruits. At my trip to the Lester’s Farm the weekend I took note of fresh fruit in season and hope to get back to purchase them each month. Take advantage of the fresh taste that produce in season can provide with these SEASONAL suggestions! • Fresh summer berries […]

Starting Healthy Habits At Home

We have all heard the saying “Monkey see monkey do” – I use this saying quite often to explain the importance of teaching kids healthy eating at home. Kids learn what healthy eating is at a young age and most often they learn what healthy eating is from their parents. It’s important for parents to show […]

Fruit Cubes for your Water!

Try this cute idea to amp up the fruit in your kids diet in a fun way! You’ll love how easy they are to create and the kids will love the idea of a frozen treat. Add them to water to create a refreshing natural fruit flavored drink on those hot summer days. Directions: To […]